Doubt on family creation

can anyone explain using family in production

I will tell u the way i have followed Plz correct me if any errors :

First in family i have entered two items that need to be produced. Also i have entered routing number in family form

For the two items that need to be produced i have attached same BOM no. in item card.

Next i have selected the above created family in prod. order and refreshed it to get the items and released it.

But when i try to post consumption journal iam getting error as " to define Source No. in item journal line journal template"

Surprising as the source number is either Item, Family or Sales Order. as u have refreshed i am assuming with source type as family it i don’t think u shud get this message. Ur process has nothing wrong anywhere.

Can u check the component lines on the production order line may be something wrong there.

Walk through the steps of your consumption journal creation - show a screen shot before posting.

Have you tried posting the production journal yet?

Have you modified the system in manufacturing? What version are you on?

Works fine for me in NAV2009.

Thank u Adam Iam using Nav 2009 only

Adam actually when i create production journal from released prod.order it is showing me only one line with work centre but it is not showing me any lines for consumption and output .

So where iam wrong as u said i feel this is easy than consumption and output journal.

Thank u

If it is showing you one line then the system believes there is no active BOM or routing for that line. I suggest you start with the production journal away from families, do it on a one line order where there is an active BOM and routing as in Cronus. It is easier to see, but with families this is arguably not the case as you have to go into each line. Still it helps to identify there is a problem in your configuration. Try this in Cronus with an existing item.

Sorry adam i got production journal but in that why consumption is giving me the values which i dint give

Also here it is giving me as item is not an inventory for consumption

Yes - simply because you have not set the BOM up correctly or you are not looking at the flushing methods - set them all to manual to test this.

My guess is that you are still looking in your system, at families, you need to start with the basics, if you cannot understand these you will get more confused when you add in a layer of complexity - go to Cronus and look there, or create one yourself that you understand, every field, and then process it.