Doubt on a field in table.

Hi, May be my requirement is peculiar but it is the requirement of my customer. My customer wants to create a table with fields like this : No. , Name , Amount paid today , Total amount paid. So he wants a form to be created for this table and next he wants to update amount paid today field daily with the amount given by the customer from the form . And the amount paid today should be added to the total amount paid daily wise and also he wants daily wise and total amount paid reports. I know how to do it in general method but customer dont want to integrate these with finance this is for his internal purposes. So how to create a table that holds the values in the above way

I have to ask you BUT WHY?

Why would he need this table, when he already have that information available from the Customer Ledger Entry table?

Tell him that you can create a report giving him this information, but you don’t really need a table to do that.

The real basic of working as a developer is that your customers should never tell you how to do you work, let them tell you what they need, and then you will do that. And if your customer think that they know better than you, then find a different job!

As Erik says, you do not need a new Table for that, because the Ledger Entries store that information allready. In the Customer Table you have a FlowField (Payments or Payments (LCY)), that you can use to display the asked for information (with a Date Filter).

If you need to have all the information on one Form (Payments Today and Payments Total), then add a a (Flow-) Field for the Payments Total, without the Date Filter.