Doubt in Yes No Box


Can anyone please tel me whether it is possible to rename the label of Yesno Box .

For example

Instead of YES NO ,I need Decline ,Cancel .

Is it possible



yes, u can …go to the properties of the enum’s elements there u can change the label…

Yes ,but it wil be changed globally right.I need for only one process.



y can’t u create new enum ?

The enums are system level and hidden I think, so you can’t easily change them. I’d probably create your own method in the Classes\Box that is similar to Classes\Box\yesNoAxaptaForm, then you can duplicate Forms\SysBoxForm and modify it as needed, creating new EDTs or whatever. Then you will have your own Box::DeclineCancel.

It might just be easier to create your own form from scratch or something though. But to answer the base question, I don’t think you can easily do what you are asking.