double side page repot

Hi peeps…

looking for some advice on designing a double sided page report.(I’m guessing this is a old query)

searched standard reports but can’t trace 1.

I’ve already designed the front page of the report. but I’m unsure on how to go forward with the second side…

Nav 2009 R2 Classic



The easiest way i found to print double sides is to goto Printer & Faxes.
Create A Duplicate printer of the one that you are printing to.
Rename it… Ex/
Dell3010cn-DS (I use DS for Doule sided)

Configure the new printers defaults to Double Sided print.
When you run your report select the “DS” printer
or if you want that specific report to always print double sided you can assign that printer to that report.

Is this what you are talking about?

Hi savatage…

I’m happy with the printer config.

it was more the report design issue.

I’ve designed how I want the 1 side to look on the report. now I want to design how the 2nd side should look.

Do I still design the 2nd page within the same report and amend the section properties ? or create a new report?


CurrReport.NEWPAGE; [:D]