Double quotes in variable length file

Does anyone have a solution as to how I might deal with double quotes inside a text string (other than not using them :slight_smile: ). For example, the string is: 15" Pipe According the CSV standard this field should be represented in the CSV file as: “15"” Pipe" However, Attain doesn’t import ‘CSV’ files but variable length files so it sees the “” as the end of one field and the start of the next file - obviously messing things up for the fields that follow. Can I access the row of data and process it before the dataport starts to look for fields? Django

Hi, I think I sort of understand your situation. According to my knowledge with the dataports, I know you may want to give it shot by changing some settings on the dataport property as the followings: FieldSeparator: FileFormat : Since you said you have double quotes in the text string variables, the FieldSeparator is probably appropriate. Are the csv files sort of like text files, how are they like?

The CSV files are being generated by our ‘friend’ Excel. I think the tab option is a good one in this case and I’ll look at it for future DPs. Thanks, Yummi.

Usually I replace all double-qouotes with e.g ~ (Tilde:Alt+126) before exporting data to CSV; then OnAfterImport I re-replace again. Once I converted items from a plumber; imagine itemdecsriptions like “Tube, 3", 5-pack” (where 3"=3 inches"). Used quite some time on that one!