Double colomn on report

Does someone have experience with printing a double colomn op a report.

What is Double Column? Can you please be more specific. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth

Example i.e. itemlist : ________________________________ ITEMGROUP A Item 8 Item 1 Item 9 Item 2 Item 10 Item 3 ITEMGROUP C Item 4 Item 11 ITEMGROUP B Item 12 Item 5 Item 13 Item 6 Itemgroup D Item 7 Item 14 ________________________________ Think of it as printing two body’s next to eachother. My customer has a catalog which can be reduced to half the size when there is a possibility to get double the amount of items on one page. Does anyone have experience on this topic?

Take a look a report 5010, the label report. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S