double click method on combobox

hi , i have override double click method of a combobox , and wrire some code on it . but when i doubleclick on it , it changes its vale and not go to doubleclick method.

pls help

Hi Manish,

ComboBox basically arrives either from BaseEnums or the lookup. once clicking on it results in to changing of next immidiate value.

What i found is if you override the double click on some other control say checkbox, then that would work fine.

hi Vishal

thx for reply…

but , then what is the use of doubleclick method on combobox ?


Just to throw in my five cents - first of all double click on a Combobox sounds a bit weird… I’ve never done that in any PC application, so even if you would achieve anything with this, it would be a very, very strange and if I may say so, “non-Windowsy”, experience. I have never seen any Windows application where you could perform double clicks on comboboxes and this would open up something or something else would happen. As Vishal has already mentioned it - the default action for doubleclick in most Windows apps is to easily iterate between the enumerated values of the combobox. It’s cool and nice to easily change a value of combobox from “Yes” to “No” by double click, but that’s about it.

The Combobox element has “mouseDblClick()” event method because the combobox element has been derived from it’s parent class - FormControl, which has a definition of this method. But it doesn’t give you a guarantee that it’s going to be a functional method in form child elements especially where having such function makes no sense.


OK Janis & Vishal ,I understand…

Is there any alternative to do this. My requirement is to open a new form when double click on the combobox. Right now i am doing it with left click.

Why don’t you take a Button under button group and navigate to the new form.