Dot Matrix and Check Printing

Looking for suggestions. We are trying to print on existing checks which are for a dot matrix printer. The checks are not 8.5 x 11, but are instead 8.5 x 7. Navision does not have a setting under the properties for the report for that size paper. I set a custom size in the printer propties (in windows) and that almost works. It will print the checks fine provided there are not more lines of detail then will fit on one stub. If there is more it will skip a check and not void it and then the numbering will get off. Has anyone run into a situation like that before? Thanks

The setting you are looking for if you are on the standard 1401 report (Check) is a property on the 4th DataItem “PrintSettledLoop”. In the properties, set the MaxIteration down one or two. It’s set to 10 by default. I’d suggest trying 8. This is the number of detail records that appear in the stub. Don’t set the PaperSize property for the report. Leave that to , and continue letting your printer control the paper size. You might need to play with the margins on 1401 still.

Thanks for the help – that worked perfect!!