Don't allow to post Gen. jnl voucher with out taking test report print

Dear all

i don’t want to allow users to post gen. journal vouchers with out taking test report print.

how to identify whether user has taken print from the system.

Is it possible in navision or not ?

There’s no standard method for this.

You could make some changes to Table # 81 and Report 2 so that an additional field in the table is updated when the Test report is executed.



Consider WHY you want to do this? So you know or are you just completing some requirement?

even if i make changes to those objects how can i come to know that whether user has taken print or not.

actually this is a requirement like this.

whenever has not taken test test print they want the same test report from after posting voucher.So we can give test report once it is posted.It is not possible ,so instead of that if we can restrict user to post voucher without taking test report print they can take print of test report then they can post the voucher.In this way i want to do …

now i want to know how to check whether user has taken print or not.

How about this simple solution: In form 39, disable menubutton “Post” and that way force users to use “Post & Print”.
You have to do this on forms 253, 254, 255, 256 as well. And perhaps some others too.

Then clearly you need to learn more Navision before you begin programming with your eys closed.

Yes it is. Contact your denior to show you how this is done.