Dona Sarkar's Homework

At the end of Dona’s amazing Keynote ( she assigned us all 4 homework items.

  1. Connect with her! (

  2. Tell us who’s the person you’ll help.

  3. Tell us how you’ll help them.

  4. Let’s figure out your legacy!

Leave your responses below and let’s work together on her homework. Maybe like a group project instead of individual assignment? #DynamicsCon #DoTheThing

I guess I’ll get this started!.

  1. Done, and done.

  2. I’d like to help Ludwig, Frank and Joergen.

  3. I will directly and indirectly support, sponsor, advocate for and mentor their launch of the Dynamics and PP meetup of Germany.

  4. Legacy to be determined, but i hope I’m remembered as someone who gave more than they took and also someone who let their light shine bright.

  1. Done
  2. Mary Thompson
  3. We’re gonna work on a project together learning from each other along the way. Power Automate + Dynamics 365 Business Central
  4. Lets do it!
  1. Done
  2. Philip and Steve
  3. Both are new to BC, one from IT, one from GP. They need help figuring out how to get a learning path to knowing the product. I’ve a plan that will scale that will help them both.
  4. Planting the seeds for it now by helping a few people to help many. Next year, there will be some sprouts that may truly be my legacy project.

While I’m waiting, I’m currently assessing what we don’t know that we don’t know through:

Hey [mention:7da3b209bb9347cbb0abd54495cd7df8:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] - I saw you joined the forum. Welcome and thanks for completing Dona’s homework!