doesn't understand to create a report

Dear all experts, I am trying to create another field in the qty explosion of production bill of material. The report will show a certain information that is taken from an item ledger entry field. But I can’t create it and always syntax error. In the report design: item integer integer in the section : there will be : bom level, qty, unit of measure and total qty. I wan to add another information there that is taken from item ledger entry. Pls let me know if there is a possibility to do that. thank you. rgds, Mark

Yes, this is of course possible… first you need to “get” the respective Item Ledger Entry (call the variable ItemLedgEntry), then you add another text box and edit the SourceExpr property using the full name of the variable, e.g. ItemLedgEntry.Description. Saludos Nils

Dear Nilsm, thanks for your reply. in the report of qty explossion of BOM, I want to put qty on purchase order that is taken from item card, for example. So, I open object designer and then open report ID 99000753 by using alt D. there will dataitem and name available consists of item/; integer/ and integer/. if I press F9, for each of them, there will be some codes. If I press shift+F4 there will be their properties. Now, what I want is to add something (e.g.,purchase order qty) that can show me a new field in the section of the report. How to make that, I don’t understand yet, I have tried hard but unsuccessful. rgds, Mark

You just need to select “Section Designer” from the View menu.

Dear Thomas and all, Thanks for your answer. I know there is a section designer. But I would like to know how to add something in the report qty explosion of BOM. I want to add some information and when I click report quantity explosion of BOM in the manufacturing module, I can see the info from it. For example, I want to include replenishment system of item in qty explosion of BOm, or to add qty in the production order in qty explosion of BOM report, how to do that ? Do I have to add item ledger entry in the itemdata column of a report ? what do I have to set in its properties ? what will I write in C/AL editor ? after that I can put the new one in the section designer of report. I know the stepwise but I don’t know how to setting up. Pls I will appreciate your answer so much.

Sure, If you wish to see related information to the Item you can access ex: Item Ledger Entries (not used). Or Purchase Order assigned to the Item that have not been shipped yet etc. You will add a field to the request form (Global Variable Boolen) ex: m_Explode. Add a caption called “Explode BOM”. Next add a new data Item ex: Item Ledger Entry below Item Body (3) or any other one. Make sure the → or → -> is indented in the dataitem. Now linke the child table to the parent table with the properties as: DataItemLink=Item No.=FIELD(No.). DataItemTableView= (Make sure you find the right records filtered ex: Entry Type, Remaining Quantity, Source Type etc. Then add a new section F3 insert body or summarize it as a footer or grouping. Just make sure you set the dataitem properties as total fields as needed.

Dear gfuentes, I will try your answer, but what about if I want to show a certain field from item ledger entry, do I have to do the same as you’ve told ? tks a lot rgds, Mark

Dear Gfuentes, Could you let me me know the complete codes for that ? I have tried hard also including your suggestion but still not work. rgds, Mark

Sorry, To many forums and qtns to follow up on. I’ll try to get back to you soon today or tomorrow. What version are you using of Navision.

MArk, there is no code implemented in the example which Mr. Fuentes gave you. This is just property based stuff.

Dear all, Tks a lot to your answer. GFuentes, I am using Navision 4.0 sp1, I am waiting for your answer. rgds, Mark

O.k. I read the entire topics again and getting confused on exactly what you are looking for. Your original response appears to be answered by the Nils Michae. 1. Do you wish to get one field from another table? Answer: Nils Michae answered it with the GET command. In the Integer DataItem or Section Body. You will need to do some coding: IF PURCHASEHEADER.GET(What ever the PO No.‘s is) THEN TempValue := PURCHASEHEADER.“Your Reference No.” IF CUSTOMER.GET(PURCHASERHEADER.“SELL-TO CUSTOMER NO.”); TempCustName := CUSTOMER.NAME; 2. Do you wish to add a new DateItem to a report to display multiple detail line records? Answer: Dispaly Item Ledger Records in a new section detail? 3. Do you wish to get a sum total from another table? Answer: In the Integer DataItem or Section Body. You will need to do some coding: ITEMLEDGER.SETRANGE(set your filters) IF ITEMLEDGER.FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT TempTotal := TempTotal + ITEMLEDGER.QUANTITY; UNTIL ITEMLEDGER.NEXT = 0; If the field was a flowfield it will be easier. ------------------------------------------------------ I hope these examples help. If you need more information, please be specific to one topic so I can validate another persons answer or give you more detail samples on what you are looking for that can be used.

Dear Gfuentes, I will try and let know the result. tks a lot rgds, Mark “Happy Easter Day”