Does Navision run reports automaticaly

Hello! We have one problem. Our end-user wants a report on his e-mail every day in the morning. A report must be in MSExcel format and must be sent by e-mail - but that is not the problem. The problem is: Does Navision have a solution where we can schedule a report to run. Is NAS (Navision Application Sever) suitable for this? I’am thinking of writing VB/VFP application which will contect to Navision database (using CODBC).

Yes application server is perfect for this solution!

I understand that from Verion 3.70 NAS will only run CodeUnits? I know that HotFix 12 has been released in support of ADCS. Does anyone know of changes to NAS that allows different object types?

The only Objects that the application server does not support are Forms and Dataports, so reports can be run! We have this up and running at the moment on a 3.70 database

Andy, Thanks for the information. We had a problem when upgrading from 3.60 to 3.70, when the support for dataports was excluded and our overnight integration routine (provided by NSC) stopped working! It’s all fixed now… Have you experienced any performance or functional issues with NAS? We are planning to use this to import data from a variety of different sources (EDI, handhelds and other extrnal systems) into Sales Orders and are keen to hear of any restrictions or constraints. Thanks again,

Thaks for all replys. I have one wish. I don’t have literature where I can read about NAS and CODBC. Could someone tell me, where I can find documents (pdf or doc) about NAS and CODBC. I didn’t find them on Navision Attain demo CD. We are using Navision Attain 3.60.

We are currently using application server to run reports to excel and email the output to designated email addresses. We use a report handling table that the codeunit loops through and runs based upon given criteria. We also use EDI for sales invoices and the file is generated in a report. There is no reason why application server shouldn’t run this report, but we are still in the testing phase of EDI, i will keep you posted as to performance on this as i will need to change the timer property to run more frequently. The other issue is that all criteria must be hardcoded, or the table design to run the report must contain the filters or restrictions that you wish to apply, as there is obviously no user interaction when running application server.