Does Navision do Finite Prod Scheduling?

Is anyone using or attempting to use finite production scheudling? We are running into a problem with Navision “filling” available time gaps, ignoring the fact that an operation has setup time. It is spreading the operation over a couple of days. Setting up one day, running some production, running a different item and production order, then returning to finish the operation of the initial production order. We duplicated this in Cronus and still have a problem. We are constraining the machine centers to 100% in order to get Navision to schedule sequencially.

Hi Ron, Navision does not understand the orders sequentially, it is to say, when you constrain the machines to 100%, you are saying that the capacity of the machine is 100% and this is not the same than the sequenciality. We have a module, the FCS, for Finite capacity Scheduling. It is being used all over de world in several languages. First version was registered in the MBS-Navision Add-on program in 1999. We currently have two editions under the Net Technology, the Classic and Advanced Version. Please visit our site and download the product sheet and the demo version. Should you have any question, please contact me. Best regards,

Does Olivia FCS works with Navision 3.7?

Yes, it does. The link just beneath the “Navision 2.60” has all the required objects and exe for higher Navision 2.60 version (also known as Attain).

Susana The only way we could get Navision to attempt to schedule sequencially is to constrain the resources. Otherwise is started all the production orders at 8:00 each morning. I visited your site, and only found information on the classic version. Did I miss it somewhere? We downloaded the demo objects and have installed them in a Cronus database. Is there a contact that we can call to ask a few questions?

Hi Ron, The Advanced edition of FCS, since it has new functionality, needs a new granule number which we are waiting from MBS-Navision. So, untill it does not have its granule, it won’t be available at our site. I can send you information about its functionality and main differences with the classic one. Please, contact me at Best regards,

Hi, the advanced edition of FCS is ready to be downloaded for free at our site !! go to, choose your version to download and see how many improvements we have. Best regards,