Does NAV 5.0 (not NAV5.0 sp1) support SQL 2008?

Hi all

I’m just wondering does NAV5.0 not NAV5.0 sp1 support SQL2008? I’ve migrated the NAV database from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008 in my test enivoriment. But NAV5.0 can’t find the SQL server.


check this thread.

The thread is talks about NAV 4.0

yes, and newer version of nav support it as well.

ok, I tried that, I migrate the test database from sql2005 to sql2008, but I can’t see the database from NAV5.0 (not NAV5.0 sp1)

5.0 and hire do not search the network for available sql server. You need to type the IP or the name of the sql server computer.

here is the message I got when I use the ip address: XXX server cannot be found

First create a DSN to ensure you have base SQL connectivity.

If that works, double check the server name or IP, and check the Advanced tab to ensure you are connecting using a protocol supported by your SQL installation.

Ok, it is the SQL2008 need some dll cause the probelm.

But still have a question, after the database can bee seen and accessed, when I use NAV5.0 to access it, it pops up a message box saying: you program license permits a manxum of 2 nondemonstration companies…etc.

How Can I sort it out! I need to create a develop environment.

From what I recall, the license information gets stored in the master database (I could be wrong).

I think you will need to find your license file and re-install it using the Nav client.

What version / type of MS SQL server are you running this on? Standard, Developer, Enterprise, etc? Demo?

I use Standard version of SQL2008

Did you choose to save the licence file in the database when you created it?

Use Tools, Licence Information, Upload to load you licence file into the database.

A mistake I made last week was forgetting to read the documentation provided by Microsoft. Have you read and tought about the manual for installing on SQL? If you had you would know about the extended stored procedures that are necessary.

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thanks guys, All sorted out! it’s working now