Does anyone use Navison Attain Commerce Gateway?

Hi everyone, I can set up and run Commerce Gateway in Navison Financial 2.65. And it works very well. Now I am installing Commerce Gateway from Navision Attain 3.10A. But I found Commerce Gateway component in NA 3.10A may not work corectly. From NA System Check I found: Document Receipt Check: A conection between Navision Attain and Navision Application Server could not be established" From Application Event log Found: The description for Event ID ( 2 ) in Source ( CommerceGateway ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the event: An unknown error has occured in the Navision Financials Request Server. Error Code: -2147221499 Error Description: The message could not be submitted to Commerce Gateway Busadapter. Does anyone use Commerce Gateway(Navision Attain 3.10)? George

Hello, I’ve the same problem. Has anyone found a solution to this problem.

Hello, I found an alternative way, but someone said it was not stable. The solution is that install all NA stuff(client 3.10A, Server and NAS), but not including any Commerce Gateway component. Then install Commerce Gateway Server from CG2.65c. I installed this way twice. And it works. The reason I tried this method are: When I installed all Navision Attain 3.10A(client,Server,NAS,CG), I still found another problem. 1. If I create a channel manually, the system check will display Agreement Check error"Biztalk partnr 1 has a channel,xxxxx,on Biztalk Server that has improper values in advanced configuration." I tried to input the two parameters(‘Navision Attain Company’ and ‘NAS computer Name’), the error is still there. 2.If I run the VBS file(ChannelsCRONUSIntl.vbs) to create channels, the two channel advanced parameters are empty, there is no the error. I think the two parameter do not work anyway. Running the VBS file will create a parameter “Navision Financial Company” in a Dictionary object. And CG obejct will get parameters from the Dictionary object. From registry, can find the CG component is apartment type. I think the CG component may be wroten by VB. When compiling the NA CG component, the “Version Compatibility” on the Project Properties window was not setup correctly.

Hi George, Yes, I’m using 3.10 as well. I get the same error and the problem is, that Navision can’t create the Named Pipe. I haven’t figured out yet how to do it but I’m working on it. Does anybody else know anything about the Named Pipes?? Christian Tyrrestrup

Hey, we had this problem a couple of month ago. After contacting our NSC we got the information that you should not (I mean not) follow the installation steps describe in the installation document. Do not install the commerce gateway components of the client on the machine where nas runs. Because you install the needed commerce gateway components together with the nas. after we had done a complete new installation it worked well. Fred