Does a tempoary table need a licensed object?

Hi there,

It happens quite often that I’m creating buffer tables only with the purpose of storing temporary data.

And once upon a time I either heard or read that if a table is only used as a temporary table and never actually inserts any records into the database with, that my customer then doesn’t need to buy the actual table object into their license?

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Yes, I can confirm it before NAV2013 but I am doubting in NAV2013 because I have seen some kind of same issues with Temporary tables in forum questions now a days.

Thank you Mohana, nice to know I’m not getting too senile. [;)]

But would be nice to know also in regards to NAV 2013, as this is the version I’m doing the most work on these days.


I guess it is fixed here;EN-US;2790672

Hi Mohana,

Thank you. Good to know that it works (again).