Does a Production journal line link to a location code?

Hi all,

I tried to post the journal with Entry type Output. But the system shows that

"The Inventory Posting Setup does not exist.

Identification fields and values:

Location Code=’’, Invt. Posting Group Code=‘RM-HM’ "

When I check the line value, the Location Code field is filled with code of one of our locations. As we didn’t define an invt. posting setup for blank location currently, want to know if I have to do so.

Many thanks.

Nope do not define the blank location. There was an issue with your works order when you raised it, no warehouse defined. There maybe one on the lines, but check the data in teh header. I would enter it in the header and refresh, or better still start again - I am presuming you are in a test environment.

Afraid wrong settings affect the whole setup, yes, we are in a test environment yet.

I didn’t try to define blank location, we activated “Location Mandatory”. And in the inventory posting setup, all lines are assigned with a location code. Then problem happens when posting output journal. I can find the location code on lines, not blank, but when post, always prompt me that I don’t have a match for location code ‘’ + Inventory Posting Group ‘RM-HM’. I have tried this several times, even checking the code, still no idea.

Wonder if this is a bug in my copy of Navision or what?

Create a brand new works order - what is the location in the header?

This could also be if you have flushing setup, and one of the lines has been craeted without a location.

I have filled in the released production order header with location ‘SH-MD’ which is the destination location.

We used manual flushing for all items, but I double checked the lines, all are linked to a location. But the message keeps on telling me I am using blank location code for the posting.

That’s why I am not sure if there’s a bug, or any missing setup.

maybe you’ve already checked this but… is the location part of the WH indicated at each line?

Did you check the Componets Line in the production order, the material which is getting consumed for the output might be having a blank location code.