documentation routes AX4.0


we try to set up routes but have only limited documentation from the system integrator (basic AX manuals).

We know routes are set together with work centers, work centers groups, operations,… but we are missing the global overview how all are related, where to start, etc…

Anyone better documentation than the standard manuals ?

Thanks for your help.

They relate to an item, the route button, then create new button and away you go. The documentation will be available on customer and partnersource.

Thanks Adam for your quick reply.

What do you mean by customer and partnersource ? If you mean information that should come from the integrator, well my client has recently changed from intergrator and a lot of documentation is lost, I’m afraid.

Hopefully we can find documentation somewhere that is for more extensive than the standard manual.

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As a customer you have rights to customersource, your integrator should have set you up, this is Microsofts portal for you to obtain all available documentation. This is the right of the client irrelevant to the integrator I believe.