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I am totally new at using dynamics. For that reason it’s quite obvious that i am looking for some documentation for it. The module i will be using the most is the analysis and reporting-tool. I have learned a bit about dimensions and that kind of stuff. But I don’t really get a grip on the dimension-thing. Could somebody give me a link where i can find some hardcopy documentation?

thx a lot!

Hello again,

You should ask your implementation partner to setup your access to CustomerSource, from there you can perhaps get these documents.

CustomerSource is a Microsoft’s website meant for Dynamics customers.

I already have access to the CustomerSource. But the problem is that there are so many topics in there, that I can’t find the things i am looking for. INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

I have read some other posts on this forum, and apparently there’s no standard user manual… :frowning: Which is quite sad. It isn’t really easy to learn the program on your own. Mostly i will be using the analysis and reporting modules. I am learning about the dimensions and dimensions values. I understand it a bit but not quite profound enough. Can you help me out on this?


Hmmmmmm- Now I understand your concern.

You can ask your questions/ doubts here.

What are the things they you didn’t understand?

Thx for your interest!

The thing is that i don’t really understand the difference between the dimensions as such and the dimensionvalues.

I do understand what the 2 global dimensions are, but I don’t no the meaning of the shortcut dimensions. I will try out some of these things and i will get back to you with some more specific concerns.

Following blog should help you in this matter:


I think You should try to get hold of the training material for Introduction to NAV and the one for Finance. These two courses gives You a good insight in functions like dimensions, posting setup etc. You will get a good understanding of the structure of NAV.

If You dont want to take the classes, try at least to get hold of the training material from Your partner. If Your partner has a DPA-agreement with Microsoft they can get that material for You from Microsoft.


Training material should also be available on customersource

If you haven’t found anything yet search for Finance in Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Customer or Partner Source.