Document Sales order could not be read using services

Dear All,

I am using AX2012R2.

We have one service to read sales order details.

I entered so no along with company ID, site id, location id.

It is giving below exception.

Document Sales order could not be read. Error details: Method TradeTotals.itemId must be overridden.



Why and how you are using the TradeTotals or salesTotals class?

HI Kranthi,

there is a document service for all so process, now i am trying to read SO line details.

Able to fetch records if so is invoiced,for open order so’s unable to read sale order lines.But able to read header details.

in C# code giving error in AxdEntity_SalesLine class, says no data is coming from sales line table.

This is all may be because of i added one new filed in sales line, but i am able to see that filed in AxdSalesOrder query.

There is no range even on status why it is coming like this.

Yesterday i am unable to read header details also, i compiled classes now able to read header details but unable to read sales line.