document reversal in attain

In SAP there is an option, where you need to give document number (normal document like invoice, credit note or g/l entry) and system can reverse the document along with all related entries/ updates

is this avalaible in attain

Partially yes (from ver.4 up, but not in Attain) but only entries created in Journals can be reversed, using function “Reverse transactions” - it creates reversing entries for you to post.

Documents like Sales/Purchases orders have limited possibility to “Undo Shipment”, if not invoiced yet. All other storno corrections must be made manually by opposite transaction, but you can copy lines from, say, SO to reversing Sales Credit Memo.

kindly explain more about “Reverse transactions” … where i can find it…and what’s the procedure

what u mean by (from ver.4 up, but not in Attain)

NAV was named Navision ATTAIN till version 3.10 - then it become MS Business Solutions Navision, and now is MS Dynamics NAV.

(Financial Management or other App Area) / History / Registers.

  1. button Functions / Reverse register or

  2. navigate deeper to different Ledger Entries and from those forms again Functions / Reverse Transaction

we use NAV 5 … but i can’t find it… i check from financial mgmt…history…registers… i even try to navigate deeper and check…


Go to Finance Management Module-Click on General Ledger-History-Registers (Now you will see all the postings here)

Select the batch you want to reverse and Click on Functions-Reverse Register, system will show the entries which has to be reversed. You can only reverse the entries posted from a Journal as what Modris mentioned.

Click on the button Reverse (on right hand bottom of the screen) or click F11. Post it.

Navision will reverse all the entries posted and creates a new G/L Register with a Source Code “Reversal”

But unfortunately, the reversal has to be done for the complete batch and you cannot select a specific transaction.



sorry for delay, but i cannot find Reverse Register anywhere

In Registers --Function … i see list of ledgers (likt g/l, cust ledger, etc)…but cant find Reverse Register

I’m not sure if the Reverse Button is “disabled” on your’s but as a Standard Navision, you should have it. Then try talking to your NSC…

If not, just follow my Sequence once again carefully (from my previous email) and see if you can find it!! some times, we try searching for the CAT every where, while it is sitting in our arms.



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i still cant find the solution

Did you talk to your NAV partner to ask them what happened to the Functions button? It’s there in the standard 5.0 database.