Document mapping all field in from with table in database AX

Hi all,

I want ETL from database AX to Warehouse. I need all field name in from user mapp with field table in database AX. But I don’t see document write this problem.

Thanks You

Could you be a bit more specific? I have no idea what’s in your “user map”.

Also, are you aware of Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics AX?

hi Martin Dráb

I am sorry, i want mapping all field in form to field in database AX.

It would make little sense to write a special document for every form; you can see the mapping in the form’s definition in AOT. To access AOT, you just need the license and permissions for development .

Then you can even right-click any form field, choose Setup or Personalize and see what the field is mapped into.

Details depend on your version of AX, which you unfortunately didn’t mention. Please always add a tag with AX version when creating a new question.