Document Management

Hi All;

I’m looking for an ISV solution that integrates MS SharePoint server with Dynamics - Nav for document storage and management.

Ideally it would be able to handle multiple documents against a single Navision record and also hierarchical storage.
i.e. Storage of a paper version purchase invoice against the Posted Purchase invoice in Navision and then be viewable from the verndor account also.

Any suggestions ???


The best document managment Add-On for Navision is Martiks Doc
Its not share poiint, but it does what you are looking for.

I agree, these people have their act together from version 2.x (Matriks Doc 2) to 4.0 (Matriks Doc 3).

Just make sure the clients have the app’s pieces installed correctly on each workstation.
I take that back, I noticed that their website package got upgraded that it stores all programs within the Navision database. No client set ups required (Wow). I had problems in the past because of it.

Use the matriks link that David gave then select products.
Below is the link to the actual PDF highlights:

The templates is a nice feature as well. When you go to the main website, see their video for DOC 3, there’s about 5 videos.