Document Imaging in Navision

Do any of you use or know of a product that allows document imaging from within Navision? We want a system that will capture each invoice, PO, etc. upon print, or after scanning, and index the image with the related info (ex. invoice - indexed with invoice #, cust #, cust PO #, date, etc.).

Try to look at the top under Solutions/add on offered/LaserNet or visit

We too are looking for a solution for this. Matriks imbeds the document inside the database, which doesn’t work for us. Not sure about LaserNet. Has anybody used this product, or have a solution that allows navigation to a scanned document outside the database?

LaserNet will provide you with the ability to archive the output from Navision as an exact copy of what was printed / E-mailed. Pre-defined indexes ( such as the above) can be set to archive all images. Incoming documents can also be scanned into the same archive allowing for common indexing, scanned documents are matched against indexes from Navision so there is no re-typing of information All documents are available for viewing either through a web browser or a direct link from Navision. Indexes are stored in SQL and the documents are stored in a file structure outside the database with a link to the document from the indexes. You can see, and play around with the solution username and password is LaserNet

Fine print pdf factory will help you capture all you want

doc-link (Altec) is working on an integration

We have developed an add-on to process images. Images are scanned and stored in a server and which then gets created in a job processing module in navision. Best regards Anu

What you need is not a link from Navision to imaging software, but a link from Navision to a document managing software. We ( developed a interface for Navision to Saperion to do just what you want, but there are other solutions too.

Hi Alex, Sorry.I did not understand what you exactely mean by saying link to doucment managing software not imaging software. We can do everything in navision (manging documents) and use an image viewer to display the images. Just invoke the application from navision with the image path… I would like to see the logic behind the applications available. The site which you specified is in german which i can’t understand. Do you know any site in english. Best regards Anu

Hi Anu, my answer wasn’t related to your post but to the questions of Rich Rhodes and Hub Gilbert. I do not know your software, so I am the least person who can judge its value for the user. Sorry for being unclear! But I think there are lots of things a DMS does which Navision will never be able to do. Take a look at to get some impressions. Unfortunatly the integration of Saperion into Navision shown in the english version of this site is made by a competitor and not by us, but yo’ll get the idea. Best regards Alex

Hi Alex. I am actually trying to find out the different softwares available on this and try to learn the logics being used. Thanks for the site reference. Best regards Anu

From my experience, the issue is “incoming” paper (as opposed to system generated documents). For example, paper based A/P invoices. The challenge is finding an integrated solution (imaging & Navision) that is not only fast and simple — but affordable as well. Document management systems are generally too complex and expensive for what usually amounts to be a departmental solution (i.e., accounting). Although DM solutions are fucntionally rich, if your goal is simply to file and retrieve paper documents within Navision — they are usually overkill. Why pay for bells and whistles you don’t need? The following links for Navision and Great Plains respectively, address this specific business challenge. Good Luck.