Document handling

Hi Friends,

i am using Docuref::openDocHandling method to attach document.The parameter in this method is _common and _element.

i have used it in different form and it works fine.

but in my current form , i have to call this method from line tab (one of the control method) but the _element parameter should be of header .

please help , if it is clear [:(]


Are you asking to switch the doc handling between the data sources?

See \Forms\InventQualityOrderTable\Designs\DesignList\DocHandIcon\Methods\mouseUp

Hi ,

yes , but here the mouse-up method is in line control method and common is also Linetable, but in my case the mouse up method is in Line control method and common parameter is from header.

for _common parameter , i write code to get it from header , but the _element parameter should be from header , but by default is is from the Line.

Is there any way that i can provide _element parameter from header ?

Look at this

element here is the caller formRun object. Element would be same if the header and lines are in same form.