Document handling

Hi, Is there a way to change the document handling icon from Axapta toolbar? Thanks.

Ciprian, Have you been able to workout a solution yourself. This question looks like a challenge ,I don’t have the solution at the moment but few things to consider and perhaps we may workout something. The Image Id stored in the Macro ResAppl seems to be 2505 for document handling. There are few tutorials in there which talk about adding images etc. I have been struggling to find out where exactly the images are stored which are used in AXAPTA. If we can somehow change the ID corresponding to that image it might just be possible. But in the end i don’t have the solution to it at the moment . Cheers Amit Sood

Hi ciprian, You may want to try using resource hacking tool, like someone has change the image of Smart Guy at the start up of Axapta. Harish has some tips on his website that you can read.