Document Handling Security

I have created new document types under document management, but I want to allow just a Role to use those new document types, and all the other roles should not be able to use those new document types.
Is this possible and if it is, how can it be achieved?


Use record level security.

Administration → Setup → Security → Record Level Security → Create New Record

Step through wizard and use Document Handling table as the table in the query and use Document Types as the field you are building record level security around.

Record level security is assigned to a security group so the end user must be part of that group.

It is suggested to use Extensible Data Security (The RLS will be removed in future versions)


I used Extensible Data Security, I first tried to use it on the Table DocuType which is the one that contains the document types, but for some reason I was getting an error when opening the docment handling form, something like record cannot be insert it already exists…

I then tried to apply it to the Table DocuRef which stores the documents created and attached to a record, Now I do not get the error and users are also allowed to view or create only the document types that they should, however they see the complete document types names when they are going to create one, but they are not able to create for the types that they do not have permissions.

Manuel Esquivel

Hello I have also a problem with the using of document types, if I want to use them for making Attachements. When I’m using my Testaccount to build the Documents, I get the error Message

“In document type … , you do not have sufficient permissions to insert field … . Contact your administrator.”

I dont know where the Problem is my, account has all permissions for the DocTypes. etc. and the permissions for all involved tables.

can anyone help?