Document Handling needs help

We will be implementing AXAPTA 3.x in a couple months. I’ve seen demos and had short talks with MS Consultants on Document Handling. I am used to using a tool called MATRIX (Document Management). It has revision control, tracks who and when files were checked in and out, spreads files over multiple servers and folders and does not show user where file is located at any point in time. All good stuff (except it is not integrated with our current (mainframe) MRP software) that I do not see in AXAPTA Document Handling. Do any of you have experience in this area and/or are any of you also thinking AXAPTA Document Handling “weak”? Any info would be greatly appreciated because at this point I am weighing the benefit of letting users “loose” with this functionality. Rumor has it that in upcoming releases of Axapta Microsoft plans to integrate it with Sharepoint Portal Services. Thank you.

Hi Bryan, As you have noticed, Axapta provides fairly basic Document handling (DH) functionality. In majority of the projects that I worked, users were happy with the existing standard functionality. Though DH can’t perform all functionalities that you are looking for, you can prevent users from finding out where the file is physically located. And yes - in the next version, along with SharePoint integration, some cool funcitonalities like RFID, Dimension hierarchy etc are going to be released. But please note that thanks to the flexible architecture from Axapta, it is possible to integrate with SharePoint even in the current version. Regards Harish Mohanbabu