Document handling form cannot show up with the command button

Hi Everyone,

We have a problem about the Document handling form not being shown up, no matter how many times the Attachement button is clicked, I did the following, but still have a problem as listed below:

5756.Dev Project.jpg
Steps I did: -1- set the dataSource property of “ReplyActionPaneTab” actionPaneTab to “PurchRFQReplyTable” to let the command button show up the Document handling form. The dataSource for the ActionPaneTab seems to be read and has to be a real table, the parent ‘Design’ and ‘ActionPane’ both have the datasource set to a in memory temporary table “PurchRFQCompareTMP ”, which could be the reason why the Attachment button couldn’t work no matter how many times we click the attachement button.

Still have a problem, as the Document handling Form can only be shown after clicking another button on the same actionPaneTab, have another form shown and then click the “Attachments” button again, which is hard to debug, as the break points in the DocuView form are not triggered at all for the first time the “Attachment” button is clicked.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you find the reason for this?

Experiencing the same problem right now but in just one environment.


I’m not sure if this is the correct solution as our document handling button worked on many forms once we completed the checklists after upgrades. Might be a coincidence