Document Handling - AX 2009 (Linking Files to Sales Lines)...?

Hi All,

I am working on document handling in AX 2009,

I need to link some files from a physical folder to the Sales Lines in SalesTable(Form) using Document Handling concept

Requirement :

Sales Id : SO-123456

Line Num : 10000

The Folders are named with Sales Id’s and Line Numbers

The file is located in the below path.

C:\DAX Files \ SO-123456\10000\File1

Now, using X++ code I need to link File1 to Line Number : 10000 of Sales Id : SO-123456

Please let me know you Ideas…

Thanks in Advance…!

Document references are represented by records in DocuRef table.

The action needed for dealing with files depends on document type and its configuration (in Basic > Setup > Document management > Document types). The Class description field refers to a class extending DocuAction class. The standard logic is located especially in DocuActionArchive.add().