Document Dimension Locked By Another User

Hi, Since upgrading from Navision 4.0 to 4.0SP1 my client has been getting the following error message when adding lines to sales orders and purchase orders : “The Document Dimension table cannot be changed because it is locked by another user” They are using SQL Server 2000. Has anything been changed in SP1 with regards to SQL locking? Or is there some other explanation? As I say this was never a problem before the upgrade. Any help appreciated, Jonathan Wareham

Hi Jonathan Article 897179 in the Microsoft knowledgebase has this as a version 4.0 issue under certain circumstances and they have a hot fix to the Document Dimension Codeunit (408). If you do nto have access let me know and I will post the code changes here. Not sure if resolves your problem, but it is certainly in the area, it is caused if another user is changing a dimension but has not updated the dimension lines. When the other user changes a dimension, the other user receives the following message: You have changed a dimension. Do you want to update the lines? If the other user has not clicked Yes or No in this message, you receive the error message described.