Do you use the Search feature of MBSonline ?

If you look at the postings of tghe past few months, there are a lot lot less of the typically repeated questions that there used to be. I mean we haven’t had more than 3 RAID 5 topics per week these days, and probably only 1 Citrix vs TS per week now. On top of this, there are typically 1-3 guests for every logged on member these days. This seems to me that the search tool is getting used as it really should be. If you browse the active members page, you can see people browsing very old topics. All in all, I see this as a great result for this site, and especially for Erik, since it really looks like Nolug (ah alright MBSOnLine) is being used for more than just what we see. Erik, I would be very interested is it possible to see how many searches are performed, and of the results, how many are read?

sure search gives more answers to any query that i may have, in fact if i search for a topic and don’t get a good result possibility is i won’t get any suitable answer either if I post the topic afresh. regards