do we need to import zip, state and county in AX?

Hello, I have a question related to zip, state etc. Do we need to set up or import the zip, state and county (US)? Is it mandatory? Does the system allow us to create address without these?

If so, can someone suggest how we can create an excel sheet - where I can create space between Zip and State to

I have columns like ZipCodeId, City, StateId, CountyId

here City should start at 63 charecter and size being 28 etc.,

so the text file will look like

D90201 Los Angles CA

appreciate it much. Its strange that MS doesn’t provide any sample file or even the file for US, Belgium or other countries.

I noticed that without the states, unable to create address. Is this the standard behavior in AX FP? Any feedback from anyone?

No sample files are provided as businesses sell this, for example the post code file in the UK has a subscription cost of around £8k from the Royal Mail.

This has changed significantly in AX2012 so before any answer you need to state the version you are using.