Do not have permissions to read the Item Identifier Table


I am Using NAV Classic Client, and I am working on CRONUS USA INC,and I renamed an item and after that when Iam trying to open the Item Card I am getting an error message “You do not have Permission To Read the Item Identifier Table” .At this stage I am using our Company License file.And I have the SUPER Role in Navision.

Is the above error is because i renamed the Item?what could be the possible resolution for this error message?

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Just for clarification, does your “SUPER Role in Navision” include

Role ID Name
SUPER (DATA) Superuser of data



And why should it include SUPER(DATA)? If it include SUPER (and the role has not been changed), then that should be enough.

I don’t think that error is because of renaming the item. If you are super user, can you try running “Item Identifier” table from object designer, do you still get some permission error in this case?