Do not have permission to create Style Sheet Page


I am working to upgrade a client from NAV 5.0 to Nav 2009 SP1. I have transformed all of their modified forms to Pages, mostly with success.

However, when I try to import the transformed Pages 680-687 it says:

You Do not have Permission to create the 'Style Sheet Card Page"

Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed.

Is this a license problem or a permssions problem? I am a SUPER user and should have all permissions.

I am new to style sheets and have not really worked with them. My job at the moment is to simply transform the modified forms so the client can move to the RTC (the are using NAV 2009 classic right now).

Thank you.


you cannot import an object as txt in the number range 1 to 49999 if the object doesn’t already exist.
AFAIK the Stylesheet tool comes only with forms and not with pages.
So no chance to import the objects if you do not have them as a fob file in the first place.