Do Not display row in grid if specific value in a cloumn in zero

Hi All,

I have a form with Grid, containing 3 columns (coming from tables directly ) and 2 columns are display methods. If one the display method value zero then that row should not be displayed (if display method return value is zero, it should be hidden).


Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 column5

abc 123 wser 1 120

def 32 dfdf 0 12

In the above example since column4 has value 0 this entire should be hidden. Please help me in solving this.



You can add a range on your form datasource, add an executeQuery() method on your form datasource:


this will exclude lines with 0 value on your column 4.

Hope it helps



Sorry for my previous post, I mistaken because of fast reading, if you want to filter on display method, please refer on Martin’s answer on the following post