do anyone know about hotel catering system?

Hello Everyone, Has any of the NSC’s developed an addon for the following industries? 1.Inflight Catering & Airport Services 2.Hospital & Nursing Home Services 3.Industrial Site Catering & Life Support Services 4.University & School Catering Services 5.Corporate Catering Services 6.Event & Hospitality Catering Services 7.Hotel Management Please let me know asap. Thanx in advance

Infostore. Cenium. or PlusPos for Food.

Hi Lars, Thnx for the links. I have been to these products. These adons need to be customised again to meet the exact requirement of the customers. I am looking for some thing which is very specific to airline catering services an corporate catering services bizz.

We have worked extensively with InfoStore and are currently implementing CENIUM (with InfoStore intgerated to it) in a holistic health center. Catering functions are built into Infostore, though I expect some customization would be necessary, as it is with all sites. Not sure exactly what you need, but we handle booking, order taking and delivery, and a number of other functions. Please contact me at with your requirements.

Hey, am abit in a Hurry. I cant remember whether I have seen that there, but on the Navision ftp site, (accessible to NSCs only), in the download area, there is a catalog of all registered addons. Ofcourse there are chances too that someone has done it and not rigistred it as an addon. All the best, Robert

The dutch Solutions Center Falcon automatisering in Veenendaal ( has build a good solution for hospitals and nursing homes. Peter