DMF vs manual import

Hi guys,

I had to do some sort of import for Unit conversions, This doesn’t exist as an entity in DMF , I wanted to add it but I found that I don’t have DMF installed and couldn’t install it (Didn’t find the link), Therefore I decided to do the import manually through an X++ job (Importing data from CSV file and inserting it into tables), and it seems to be possible. So what’s the difference between DMF and manual import as mentioned ? Thanks guys .

In theory, you surely can write any code by hand, but DIXF already does a plenty of work for you, such as handling of file formats and mappings. I would strongly recommend using the standard solution, i.e. DIXF (DMF).

Creating the entity for unit conversions is easy (I’ve done it before).

If you need help with the installation of Data Import Export Framework, please tell us your version of AX (including hotfix rollups).

Thank you Martin for your reply. I’m convinced that I must use DIXF .

I have AX 2012, I couldn’t find any download link in the informationSource .

I’m sorry, but I still don’t see what release and cumulative update you have (such as R2 CU5).

It’s not mentioned in “About” section,

Application version: 6.0.852.78

It’s just 2012 I think .

It’s the beta version of Dynamics AX 2012, four years old. Nobody should be using the beta version since the final version has been released. Also note that even AX 2012 has several new releases, adding a plenty of new functionality - the Data Import Export Framework is just one example.

Please drop the beta version and install a new, supported version of Dynamics AX, such as Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9.

I agree, I’ve installed it for development purposes but obviously it wouldn’t be enough , Can’t I install DMF temporary in order to test the creation of a new entity before moving to a supported version ?

There is no version of DIXF for the beta version of AX (and never was). You could try to install DIXF for AX 2012 RTM, but it’s looks like a complete waste of time. You made a mistake when you installed the beta version - fix this mistake instead of trying to build more stuff on top of it.

If you really want, you can find DIXF for RTM and Feature Pack on LCS (since InformationSource has been discontinued). But if you’re installing a new environment, you should rather install the current version of AX.

That’s what I’m gonna do , Installing a new version of AX seems to be something I will do anyways so why not now … Thank you Martin for your reply and efforts helping us here , Best regards .