DMF Entity Subscription from SQL MDS

Hi All,

I have a requirment wherein the entity is available in the SQL MDS and it needs to be subscribed in Dynamics AX.

Is this possible ?

I am aware it is posible the other way (Publising Entity from the AX to SQL MDS)

Any inputs/Pointers ?



Master Data Management in AX 2012 R3 allows you to synchronize entities across AX instances, which obviously covers both parts (form one AX instance to MDS and from MDS to another AX instance).

Or did you mean something else?

Hi Martin,

I meen the same.

I see a option to Publish an MDM entity from AX to the SQL MDS but how would another instance of AX subscribe to that entity in SQL MDS ?

And in my requirment there is an AX instance on one side and a Non-AX instance on the other side.

So the Non-AX system would publish the intity in SQL MDS but how would Dyanmics AX subscribe to this entity ?

Hope it is clear now.



It’s done in the Manage Synchronization form. If you only want to get data from MDS (and not synchronizing from AX to MDS), set Synchronization type to Pull only.

For details, please read Set Up Synchronization for an Entity in Configure Master Data Management [AX 2012].

Hi ,

Problem statement : In case of Single Master Mode , I am not able to subscribe entity in another AX instance.

Steps Performed :

First AX scenario

  1. Created One new custom Entity in First/Master AX instance.

  2. Published it to SQL MDS

  3. Synchronized it by creating Syn group and setting it in Push/Pull Mode.

  4. Data got inserted into SQL MDS .

Second AX Instance scenario

  1. Now first I have Created Same custom entity .

  2. But I have not published it . Since same entity is already present in MDS (Published by first AX instance)

In Syn group form I want to select same entity in pull mode only.

->But Problem is that entity is not coming in drop down list since it is not published from second Instance.

->Second problem even if I try to publish it , System generates error Message entity already exists in MDS.

How can I subscribe to this entity present in MDS in another AX instance without publishing it ?



@sanjeet, it shouldn’t matter that the entity wasn’t published from the current AX instance. On the contrary, you want to publish it once and synchronize with it from other places. AX actually connects to MDS to get a list of entities and it will show a list of entities in your AX instance supporting MDS and available in MDS.

If you don’t see any problem in your system and you don’t get any error, debug MdmSyncGroupDetail.lookup().