dmemstream error message

We truncated the log file and shrank two databases using query analyser. When logging into one of them we get the following message. “the file dmemstream contains a record that cannot be read completely”. We can get access to the other database without any problem. Any help would be appreciated. Mike

This occurs when the [chartable] field of the [$ndo$dbproperty] table in your database contains data from a different version of Attain/Financials than the client you are using to open the database. It has nothing to do with the truncation of the databases/logs. You need to ensure that the client you are using to open the database matches the database version. And that the [$ndo$dbproperty] table has not been mofified externally (to Attain). You may also have converted the database with a newer client version and then be attempting to open it with an older one. Hope this helps.

I have a 2.60 database.

If I try to open it with Nav. 3.70 I am given the option to convert the database (I said No).

However, if I try to open it with 2.60 E, I get the “file dmemstream” error, which is frustrating.

If I can convert it for use with the 3.70 client, then surely it should it be possible to convert it for use with the 2.60 E client.

Is there a way to do this conversion to 2.60 E?