DLL to tuff to register!

Hello All, I have received a dll from a third party. But I’m unable to register it using regsvr32.dll I get this error message. Iscomm32.dll was loaded, nut the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. DllRegisterServer may not be exported, or corrupt version is iscomm32.dll may be in Memory. Consider using Pview to detect and remove it. I have even tried registering on other machines with the same error message. So it can’t be in the memory. When I try to register it using Navision register program Navision just crashes. The dll works fine in a VB program. Now comes the bit with many question. 1. Do I have a dll that is not ole compatible? 2. Is there a work around in Navision to access the dll direct as I do in VB program. e.g Private Declare Function IS_DLL_GetVersion Lib “iscomm32.dll” () As Long Msgbox IS_DLL_GetVersion 3. The dll uses strings that are greater than 250 characters. Does this sound like a job for a rapper. Look Forward to some help and brain storming on this matter. Regards Graham CBS Sverige AB +46(0)8 764 74 25 graham@cbs.se

Looks like you have not OLE dll. Try check exported func. in dll with “dependency walker” or any other program. It shoul have DllRegisterServer export. VB are able load any dll. I’m not expirienced in vb and can’t say more. For data conversion I prefer write own dll what calls requared dll. Programming in C++ or VB more easier than in C/AL and no problems with data types conversion or lenght.