.dll file for About (Navision)

hai do you know .dll file for about in navison ??

thanx for the answer…

Sorry I didn’t understand you question, can you rephrase it?

Help - About Microsoft Business Solution

That’s we can see Version ID for navision we used, Copyright etc…

I want to know what file that’s fill it…

maybe dll or ocx …

As far as know there is no such dll or ocx. But you can use CU 1 ApplicationManagement to retreive the database version and BUILD.

Code: message('%1 - %2',ApplMgt.ApplicationVersion,ApplMgt.ApplicationBuild);

Messge: NL Dynamics NAV 5.0 - 24199


i think it’s not for the “About”

I test delete it and then I open about…

it still there…

You can’t control about dialog. Only option that you can customize is Navision version number.

yes… do you know where i can find it?

Recently I spent some time on that issue - and did not find any solution. I even tried to read (binary) the fin.exe-file, but that [of course] does not work all the time.

Change the ApplicationVersion() function in Codeunit 1 to return the text you want.

When you say you tried this and it didn’t work, did you exit and reenter the database? CU 1 is loaded as single instance so I think you need to exit and reenter to see your changes.

In the “About-Window” you get information about the FIN.EXE - version and build.

The window gives info like “Version DK 4.00 SP3 (4.0 SP1)” meaning that the objects are version “…SP3” but the FIN.EXE is “…SP1”.

If you double-click the version-line you get the build-no of the FIN.EXE.

As far as I know it is bot possible to get that info from within NAV.

for example i change applicationversion to be 4 SP 3

in the about navision it will be 4 Sp 3 (Version 4SP1)

→ STILL exist 4 sp 1

i want to change that…