dixf issue: data is not getting moved from staging tables to normal tables while importing.

Hi Experts,

I am importing purchase order details with 6 mandatory fields from a txt file to PurchTable Table through DIXF framework.

The process is going fine till, I move the data from txt file to staging tables(DMFPurchTableEntity) and when I try to copy the same records from staging to purchTable in AX, it is not moving the data and showing the infolog with the message “Data written to target ‘Purchase order header’ (‘0’ records created, ‘0’ records updated)”. I have already checked the errorlog and there it is showing that the record already exists in the purchTable, which is not true. (Exact error in errorlog: ‘Results. Record (‘00000001_0127’) -. Cannot create a record in Purchase orders (PurchTable). Purchase order: 00000001_0127. The record already exists.’).

Any suggestions to resolve the issue is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance…

Is anybody out there to reply this post…? Its little urgent…