DIXF entity updating address with wrong city because we have same zipcodes for Different cities

We have same zipcode for different cities
zipcode1 city1
zipcode1 city2
zipcode1 city3

When i am loading address with city as City2, DIXF is loading address with City as City1.
Its picking first record in that list.

How can i fix this??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Its Standard Entity Ex:Customer Entity

Is the country same? Are you setting the country and state while loading the address?

You can also try debugging, \Classes\DMFLogisticsAddressHelper

I have found the issue. In AX while using dixf its checking zipcode based on zipcode, country in csv but its not considering city. So its inserting first zipcode that its finding and city attached to that is getting Updated. I made a fix for that by writing job and updating LogisticsPostalAddress record(city,zipcode fields) for that Customer based on csv.

Thanks I found where its selecting wrong city. Below is my workaround for that.