Dissappearing sales order lines. Hellllllpppp!!!!!

Hi, I have been doing some “system enhancements” (Navision 3.60) and have screwed up the sales line line or the sales order subform - I am not sure which!!! The problem is that when the sales order form is opened the lines are not visible. Whne I enter a new line it diappears, so clearly there is a filter in effect. I have inserted lines : // 160503 TEMP… TEMPFILTERTEXT:=Rec.GETFILTERS; FILTERGROUP(2); TEMPFILTERTEXT:=Rec.GETFILTERS; {Gives “Doc Type: Order” - due to subform source tableview} FILTERGROUP(3); TEMPFILTERTEXT:=Rec.GETFILTERS; FILTERGROUP(4); TEMPFILTERTEXT:=Rec.GETFILTERS; (Gives Doc No.: 2001 - due to subform link} FILTERGROUP(0); all over the show (mainly subform triggers) to try and work out what is wrong to no avail! I have checked all the usual table links. Any ideas O great ones? It’s driving me crazy![:(!][}:)][:(!][}:)][}:)][:(!][xx(]

Check if you have any code in the OnFindRecord or OnNextRecord trigger in the subform. Even a comment (yes a comment) will cause the effect you describe. eg:**OnFindRecord** // This should not do anythingwill hide all records.

You beauty! If there was a will or a way I would gladly have your babies!!! I have spent 5 hours (don’t tell the boss) trying to suss this one out! Hellfire! What is that all about then! I had code in there which I dutifully commented out to ascertain if that was the cause of the problem, but of course it was still the cause of the problem!!! Is this a well known issue?

I spent close on that amount of time th first time. Check out the online help.


OnNextRecord The C/AL code in this trigger determines how the system steps through the records in the table to determine the next record to display. [ActualSteps]:= OnNextRecord(Steps) Steps Data type: integer The number of records the system steps through before displaying another record. A negative value indicates steps backwards. ActualSteps Data type: integer This return value tells the system the actual number of steps or records cycled through. The default is zero (0). Applies to Forms Comments The system executes this trigger in place of its default next record behavior. If there is an error in the code in this trigger, the system closes the form.

When I first got this problem, and after I resolved it, we eventually sent it back to Denmark for comment… the reply was… Exactly as per the On Line Help, the code you enter here REPLACES the standard functionality. A comment is a piece of code, so it is the same as commenting out all the OnNextRecord functionality. I actually started learning Danish just so as to be able to understand the English documentation. Danish → NotBlank::Yes English → Mandatory Arrrgggghhhhh[}:)]

HINT : If ever modifying or adding code to the OnNext and OnFind triggers, first add the following code… this will at least give you base functionality. **OnFindRecord(Which : Text[1024]) : Boolean** exit(find(which)); // Now I can comment all I want. **OnNextRecord(Steps : Integer) : Integer** exit(NEXT(Steps)); // Now I can comment all I want.