Displaying word document within the Form

My Customer wants me to display the Word Document within Navision.

For Example. Within a Form.

Is it possible to develop a feature to dipaly the word within Navision. Not from external calling.

If so, Please let me know the ways to do it.


Hi Jay,

You have two options that come to mind

  1. Use the Hyperlink command

  2. Use the Word automation (again set the interaction form for an example)

What do you mean “Not from external calling.”?

Thanks Dave.

In the Interaction Form, the word Document window is opening outside the Navision. But I need to show my Word Document as a Preview within the Navision Form.For Example we have Picture, that can be PreViewed within Picture Box of the Form.

External Caling- I mean to say that a new Word Document should’nt open as a New Window outside Navision.

Hi Jay,

Then you are out of luck, the best is as per the interaction where it opens the word document and waits until the window is closed.