displaying picture of items on web page

I have an ASP.net web application that interacts with a Navision SQL database at the backend. I have no problem displaying normal text data from the database tables on my web pages. However, when I try to display images of items stored as blob data, the image never shows up and only a little square with a red cross inside is displayed on the web page. I store the pictures in bmp format and I am able to see the pictures when I directly access them from item card in Navision. Can anybody please help me? Thanks, avi.

Avi, Most likely your browser is not displaying bmp’s. They should be jpeg’s or gif’s. Please search the forums for further solutions to this problem. -john

Hi John, Thanks for your reply. I figured out the problem…it was not because bmp’s were disabled by the browser. The problem was with the way the pictures are stored in Navision. There is a boolean property for blob fields called ‘compressed’. If this field is marked ‘yes’, pictures won’t display. I just had to change this property to ‘no’ and then everything worked fine. Avi.