displaying once

Hello all AX users,

How to display column values only once in the report when it is displayed more than once ?

Please help me to sort out another problem …

Hi lalit,

Can you please be more specific whenever you post… so that we can try to post the solution immediately for your query.


In SQL Server select statements ‘distinct’ keyword is available.

But in AX this keyword is not available. Instead you can use ‘group by’ option. This topic was discussed quite a few times already here. One example is here -
http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/p/17171/79827.aspx . If you search, you will find more examples.

Ok sorry for that…

Actually i am working on a report which contains one section group where my problem resides.

The section group contains the values of the field to be displayed from two different tables.

One is my Pier_Table and another is CustInvoiceTrans.

The value which i am fetching from CustInvoiceTrans is the name of the items against a single InvoiceID which can be different everytime for each InvoiceID.

for Example an Invoice contains 3 items so the other fields in the report is also displayed 3 times.

Instead the name should be printed 3 times which is from CustInvoiceTrans while the remaining column items should be printed only once which comes from Pier_Table .

So is it now specific data to understand my problem ?