Displaying Message FORM

Ok, this is my first topic[:I]. Hope someone can help me. I am trying to display a simple message like “Processing…”,"…Reading…" etc. while using an OCX,DLL that is reading from a COM port. I first tried to do it from VB by showing a VB form but that sux because you have to run the form in VBMODAL which stops you from further processing untill form is closed. Well, my next step was to try it from Navision (Attain 3.60) by creating a simple form with no caption BAR and a slightly modified TEXT BOX. This works cool except that I cant close it. frm.setMessage(txt); frm.RUN; Is there a way to close a “frm” object other than the obvious CurrForm.Close that is within the form[:D]. What also may help is if someone knows how to call the ESCAPE button through code. This may be an easy fix for the above problem…

You can use variable of type Dialog [;)] This will help you in this case. And please in future try to exclude such expresions as sux in your text.

Thanks, sometimes easy to forget the simple solutions. Sorry about the “expression” did not even realize it was in there. :-). Good website.

Nicholas, you can write a VB EXE-server instead of OCX or DLL. An EXE-server allows you to open non-modal forms while giving you the same functionality as a DLL. There are some subtle differences, though [;)]