Displaying .jpg on forms.

I´m trying to display .jpg picture files in a form. Has anybody done this ? Is it possible ? I would think you have to use some sort of .ocx I´m not using the jpg as BLOB fields, I want to read the directly from a shared resource, http protocol or shared network drive. All comments appreciated. Hreinn Agustsson P.s. Hi David I´m back in the Navision game :slight_smile:

The old .jpg question… make a search in the forum and you’ll find the answer previously writen… there is an OCX made for user-friendly making that uploaded in the download area also… the trick is converting the jpg to bmp before showing it, that’s what the ocx does in fact, and then showing the bmp file. Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)apertierra@teleline.es

Ok thanks. Guess I should have searched in the forums first, sorry about that. Hreinn

Look for the small “From JPG/GIF to BMP on the fly - Improved version” tool in the downloads section, this will provide you the functionality you are looking for. (Note: Do use the improved version, the first version in the list is rather limited). John